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Emirates Farm Experiment

Emirates Farm Experiment

4/15/2024 9:04:22 AM

The Maghemite compound was evaluated at a concentration of 1 liter/300 liters of water on the following insects: aphids, mites, and whiteflies.

Experiment site: Emirates Farm

The Maghemite compound was evaluated: at a concentration of 1 liter/300 liters of water.
On the following insects (aphids, mites, whiteflies)
The previous insect presence rate was as follows
1. Whitefly by 40%
2. Aphids 10%
3. Mice at 5%
Insect counts before spraying
Insect counts after spraying
Transaction results
The compound achieved a death rate of 80% in all stages of the insect except the egg stage.
Initial recommendations
The compound is effective on all stages of the insect.
While it is ineffective in the egg stage.