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Zinni Farm Experiment

Zinni Farm Experiment

4/15/2024 9:04:55 AM

The Maghemite compound was evaluated at several concentrations on the following insects: aphids, mites, and whiteflies

Experiment site: Al-Zaini Farm
The Maghemite compound was evaluated: at a concentration of 1 liter/300 liters of water (first treatment).
                                  Concentration: 1 liter/200 liters of water (second treatment)
On the following insects (aphids, mites, whiteflies)
The previous insect presence rate was as follows
1. Aphid by 30%
Note: There was a difference in the degree of aphid infestation, as the infested areas were found in the form of colonies
2. mites at 10%
3. Whitefly 5%
Transaction results
In both concentrations, the compound achieved an efficiency of up to 85% in the case of mild and moderate infestation, while in the case of severe infestation (in the form of colonies), the efficiency of the compound reached 65%.
Initial recommendations
It is recommended to repeat spraying in areas where there is severe infestation (in the form of colonies), provided that the period between the first and second treatment does not exceed 5 days.