Unique mix of nano micro nutrients manufactured by a new nano-technology method

Magrow Nanomix

Magrow Nanomix
Display different properties from larger materials as a result of their size.
Provides high surface area and high reactivity.
Provides better penetration into the cell.

Contains six essential substances for plant nutrition (Fe, Zn, Cu, Mn, Bo and Mo).
Improves plant growth through increasing photosynthesis, chlorophyll, cell division, respiration rate and water absorption.
Increases plant self-defense, enzymes activity and nitrogen absorbance.
Increases yield between 10-25%.
Citric acid reduces the pH of spray solution to enhance absorption. 
It is prefer to use as foliage spray with 250 g/ 600 L water in regular fertilization.
In the deficiency of minerals, spray with 500 g/ 600 L water.